The CAI Store is one of the fastest growing online women’s footwear brands in India. A 2-year-old startup, known for their design, quality and are amongst the few footwear brands in India that are Vegan and PETA approved.

The project covers auditing of the current business process and making necessary changes to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. The project is divided into 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1 – Auditing of the current process & identifying areas of improvement along with documentation of all the processes. This phase will also include creation of process trackers, checklists, SOPs and data reports to make the business data-driven and digital.

Phase 2 – Basis improvements and areas identified in phase 1, we will handhold the operational team at The CAI store for the ground level deployment of the proposed changes in terms of processes, checklists, SOPs and data reports.

Phase 3 – This phase will include analysis of business historic data and interpretation for creating a structure Annual Business Plan for the brand. We will be detailing the plan with clear business categorization, key milestones, and manpower planning.

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